The 5 Best Places to Share Your Content Online

The 5 Best Places to Share Your Content Online
June 29, 2020 Content

An outstanding piece of content is a powerful thing – it boosts your SEO efforts, establishes you as an authority in your niche, and delivers value to your audience. With such massive potential, publishing it on your website is merely not enough. You want it to reach as many people as possible. Gain real traction from your content by promoting it on the best places to share content online:


  • Medium


Republishing existing blog posts on Medium has become a popular tactic for marketers who want to increase traffic to their site. One way to do this is to post snippets of articles on the platform, then direct the readers to the full text on the website. This is a great strategy if you don’t want to syndicate entire blog posts. Once you’ve built up a readership on Medium, you can mix it up by writing exclusive Medium articles from time to time.


  • LinkedIn


Like Medium, you can also syndicate blog posts as LinkedIn articles. LinkedIn is an excellent platform to establish authority and create a strong subscriber base among professionals in your field. Another great feature here is the built-in alert system, which notifies subscribers every time you post something new.


  • Twitter


The fast-moving, real-time platform of Twitter offers a great way to gain a lot of views and shares in a short amount of time. Below are a couple of ways to push your content on this platform:

  • Through Twitter Brand Accounts 

Consider adding brand-related content to your brand’s sharing list. Since brand-focused articles are usually evergreen content, you can even post them several times a month for more traction.


  • Twitter Personal Account


Twitter moves rapidly, so try sharing your article along with a quote hook on a few places on the site to increase the chances of retweets. Make sure to space out each Tweet to avoid flooding the feeds of your audience.


  • Facebook


There are over two billion people on Facebook, and it makes sense to share your content on this platform. There’s also incredible potential for your content to go viral if it hits the right notes with your target social media users. You can share your articles on your Facebook business page, personal page, and Facebook groups which usually have very active members.

Shorter is better on Facebook, so choose a captivating sentence or two from your article for the caption. Add an engaging photo to accompany it, then the link to the full article on your website.


  • YouTube


YouTube is now the second-largest search engine in the world right next to Google. No need to create an entire video version of your content – you may discuss key points in a short video, and direct people to the rest of the post on your site.

Achieve More with Your Content Online

Your website is just one place to share fantastic content. To build your readership and boost your SEO efforts, it’s important to know how social media can help you disseminate your content to your target audience. Finally, consider working with SMM and professional content writers to streamline your content marketing strategies and achieve exponential results.





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