How to Make the Perfect Instagram Profile: 4 Tips You Can Do Right Now

How to Make the Perfect Instagram Profile: 4 Tips You Can Do Right Now
June 29, 2020 SEM

How to Make the Perfect Instagram Profile: With over 1 billion active users, 500 million daily users, and a potential advertising reach of 849.3 million users, Instagram should be a part of any social media marketing strategy. The engagement rate on this platform is higher than any other social media channel today. It’s also easy to weave Instagram’s visual platform with your content, SEO, SMM, eCommerce, and other online marketing campaigns, and it all begins with your Instagram profile.

4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Instagram Profile for Your Business

The best Instagram business profiles have several things in common, such as a recognisable profile picture, memorable usernames, and a consistent stream of Instagram Stories. While you don’t have to apply everything at once, get started towards the perfect Instagram profile by following four simple tips. These work for businesses of all sizes, from big brands to solo start-ups:


  • Set your Instagram account to public.


You want as many eyes as possible on your content to expand your exposure.  Therefore, set it to public so it’s easy for any Instagram profile viewer to follow you and view your feed.


  • Choose a searchable and recognizable Instagram handle.


Your Instagram handle or username is your permanent identity on the platform. Make it easy to remember, and as much as possible, use your business or brand name. If your exact business name is already taken as a handle, try using it on the first part of the username to increase the chances of people finding your account.


  • Upload an on-brand Instagram profile picture.


Make the first impression count by uploading an interesting, high-resolution Instagram profile picture. Choose one that reflects the personality of your business and is on-brand with the rest of your social media profiles. This will usually be the company logo for most companies.

Tip: Consider customizing your logo temporarily for seasonal trends, such as Christmas. This is a great way to support your seasonal marketing campaigns and switch up your Instagram profile photo from time to time.


  • Write an informative, actionable, and delightful bio.


You only have 150 characters on your Instagram profile bio (you’ll find this short description section at the top of your profile), so make it count! Give people a reason to follow your Instagram by briefly describing what you do and who you are. What sets you apart? Do you have a brand motto? Write and rewrite your Instagram bio until you’re satisfied that it reflects your brand perfectly.

Tip: Add a link to the “website” box in the Instagram bio to draw traffic to your website.

While all of these tips can help your Instagram business profile to stand out, there’s no cookie-cutter approach to the perfect Instagram profile. Experiment with all of these tips, don’t be afraid to create your own strategies and see what works with your audience.


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