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Whether you want to conquer social media, create a chatbot or win with email marketing, Nowlify offers a range of digital marketing solutions designed to take your business to the next level.

Email Marketing Services in Auckland

Email Marketing Services in Auckland

Have meaningful, digital conversations with your subscribers while attracting leads, accelerating your sales cycle, and increasing traffic through Nowlify’s specialized  email marketing services .

Beautiful, effective email marketing is all about delivering value to people’s inboxes. However, who has time to write emails one by one to hundreds—even thousands— of customers regularly? When you’re busy growing your business, the last thing you need to worry about is your email list. That’s where Nowlify comes in.

We can handle one or all aspects of your campaign, from selecting the perfect email marketing platform to writing your content, automation, and tracking.

Watch your marketing emails turn from forgettable (or going straight to the spam folder!), to something your audience looks forward to receiving. Run brilliant email marketing campaigns while saving your time and resources with Nowlify.

Nurture Connections with E-Mail Marketing

Email marketing is more than just pushing your products and services. At Nowlify, we see it as a tool for building deep, lasting relationships between businesses and their audience.

You can use emails to:

  • Make a fantastic first impression by welcoming new customers or subscribers
  • Share your brand story
  • Hype up your new products, services, and deals
  • Offer useful information and answer their questions
  • Connect with your subscribers using personalized birthday and holiday greetings
  • Guide people to the next stage in their buying journey
  • Gather honest feedback from your audience
  • Distribute and promote your content
  • Boost traffic to your website
  • Inspire your customers to take action, whether that’s to use a discount, sign-up to a newsletter, or buy a product

It’s unbelievable what email marketing can do for your marketing and sales efforts!

Nowlify Takes the Guesswork Out of Email Marketing

Given the massive impact it has on marketing, too few businesses invest in their email marketing strategy. Worse, they settle for generic emails that drive customers away. The biggest reason we’ve heard is that email marketing is hard to set up and understand.Let Nowlify simplify email marketing for you. Take a look at our keys to success:

We’ll help you select the ideal platform for your emails, set it up, and integrate it with your website. One of our top choices is  Mailchimp email marketing because it’s an all-in-one platform with fantastic features.

Nowlify’s email marketing specialists will help you map the online journey of your users and set your campaign goals.

Our email marketing copywriters will write emails that your subscribers can’t help but read. Expect punchy subject lines, personalized body, and strategic writing that moves your audience through the marketing funnel. 

Whether it’s for long-term drip marketing or time-sensitive email blasts, trust our copywriters to craft content that connects, nurtures, and sells.

Once your email campaign produces enough data, Nowlify will work to improve and boost your campaign’s ROI.

We’ll send you detailed, regular reports about your email marketing campaign’s performance. Expect full transparency at every step.

Accelerate Your Business with E-Mail Marketing

Whether you run a small business or a large enterprise, email marketing is one of the most effective and affordable ways to grow your business online. Book your FREE 1 Hour ethically-conscious consultation with Nowlify! Let’s discuss email marketing and automation, and how it can power up your SEO,  SEM,  Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing.

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Good quality services work in the long run because it’s sustainable – your time and energy are valued and therefore, a service to match your dedication and passion is delivered. At Nowlify, we work with you to create solutions where we both achieve our long-term goals.

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At Nowlify we believe in giving first as benefits will follow soon after. With our ethically conscious sessions, you can register for one free strategy session or sign up for a 12-month plan which gives you a free one-hour session, once a month. We are ready for the long haul, are you ready to achieve your goals? If so, choose your path below.

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