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SEM Services in Auckland

Imagine this scenario: your target customer has already decided they want to buy products and services related to your business. The last barrier between you and that sale? It’s whether or not your business comes up on search results at the exact moment they Google those keywords.

Make sure your business is the first thing that online buyers see with Nowlify’s  SEM services in Auckland!

Think custom ads, placed at the very top of search results— even higher than the highest-ranked websites. Businesses and marketers fight over that spot, because:

  • 65% of all clicks with high commercial intent (or from people who are ready to buy a product) go to paid ads
  • PPC visitors, or those that land on your website by clicking on paid ads, are 50% more likely to buy from you than organic visitors
  • Paid ads can boost brand awareness and recognition by 80%
  • SEM can increase website traffic by more than 300%

That’s the power of SEM and paid ads. It’s simple – SEM can make your target audience buy from you, remember you, and visit your website. It just works.

Now, just like you, we hate wasting money here at Nowlify. That’s why we’ve designed our PPC and SEM marketing to help you make the most of your marketing budget.

You see, when it comes to paid ads, you only pay for the ads that users actually click. In other words, we only make money when YOU make money!

Our SEM Services

Nowlify covers all the bases when it comes to PPC and SEM marketing:

Let’s get your ads on top of the biggest search engine in the world – Google. As your Google Ads agency, our SEM specialists will begin by writing brilliant headlines and copy for your Google display ads.

Then, we’ll bid on the most valuable positions for Google advertising to secure that sought-after top spot for you. We can also run Google Ads remarketing to connect with people who’ve already interacted with your mobile app or website.

This way, we can position your ads in front of those who’ve already shown a keen interest in your business when we advertise on Google.

Bing advertising is one of our secret weapons here at Nowlify. Most businesses only focus on Google ads, not knowing that Bing marketing controls 33% market share.

Additionally, Yahoo Bing ads are much more affordable than Google ads— up to 50% to 70% cheaper. Competition is lower for Bing shopping ads and Bing remarketing as well.

That means you can get even more traffic and clicks, at a much lower cost, for higher ROI! Our SEM experts will help you decide if Bing advertising fits your ad goals.

Drive more subscribers and views to your channel with Youtube ads. Through a targeted Youtube video advertising campaign, we can promote your Youtube video to a highly specific audience. As a result, you get to grow your customer base and attract qualified leads and traffic.

Like Bing and Google ads marketing, Youtube advertising cost work on a cost-per-click model. So you only pay for Youtube paid promotion that users click on.

In contrast to Youtube without ads, Youtube advertising boosts your products and services without costing a fortune.

Here’s the catch: SEM marketing is hard. If you don’t know how to set up a strong SEM campaign, you can end up wasting those precious marketing dollars.

Nowlify’s SEM specialists have years of experience running PPC and sem marketing campaigns. Once your ads are live, we will use the latest tools to constantly monitor and optimize your ad accounts.

We set targets and achieve them, then study the data so we can run outstanding paid ads for your business again and again.

Marketing Automation

What is SEM, anyway?

Search engine marketing promotes your content at the very top of search engine results through paid search advertising. Think of it as an advertising billboard. In essence, you want more people to see your products and services, so you place those billboards in very visible places.

In the case of search engines, the most prominent spot is at the very top of results. And that’s where Nowlify will position your paid ads.

Another great thing about SEM and PPC advertising is that it’s targeted. We don’t waste time casting a wide net, hoping someone will bite on the ads.

No— we aim straight for your target audience. They are those who are already interested in your
products in services. They only need that last nudge to convert them to buyers. SEM and paid ads are
that final nudge.

“I’m already running SEO for my website. Do I still need SEM?”

Absolutely! A lot of people confuse SEO with SEM and think they only need one or the other. SEO is just one component of Search Engine Marketing, which also includes paid ads, social media marketing, and other essential digital marketing strategies.

The truth is that exceptional SEO and SEM work hand in hand to boost traffic to your website. Ignore one, and you weaken the other. Now, why do you need search engine marketing services when you already have SEO?

  • SEO is critical to digital marketing, but it takes time. You need to give it at least a year to see fantastic, long-term results.
  • While SEO is going on in the background, SEM campaigns give you a strong presence in search RIGHT NOW. You don’t need to wait – your audience will be able to see your ads on top of search results ASAP.

If you’re only running SEO on your website, you’re missing out on the targeted traffic and immediate brand recognition you can get with SEM. Without SEO, your SEM campaign won’t have a solid foundation. A strategic combination of the two is a surefire way to boost your visibility and conversions.

Let’s Talk SEM!

Ready to rock SEM and paid marketing? Let’s get you in front of customers ready to buy from your business! To show our commitment to your success, we’re giving you a FREE 1 hour ethically-conscious SEM consultation.

We will discuss your ad goals, challenges, and what a successful PPC and SEM campaign looks like for
you. Call Nowlify at 09 390 8890 today to book your slot!

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