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From the initial consultation through to delivery, your ROI is at the forefront of our minds when we compose a tailored plan to achieve your goals. We will plan your work, and we will work to your plan!

E-Commerce SEO Services​ in Auckland

When you have an e-commerce site, you already know that ranking high on Google is critical to your business. After all, most people only click on websites that appear on the first page of search results.

E-Commerce SEO Services​ in Auckland, New Zealand

The situation only gets tougher from there— according to statistics, 60% of online shoppers only click on the top three e-commerce sites out of the first page. If you’re missing out on clicks, you’re also missing out on potential sales.

Leap ahead of the competition with Nowlify’s e-commerce SEO services! We specialise in SEO for new and existing e-commerce sites, including Shopify SEO and Bigcommerce SEO. With our special blend of ethical SEO strategies and advanced tools, you’ll be able to:

  • Outrank your rivals on search engine results
  • Attract more traffic to your online store
  • Make sure that customers who are searching for your products and services land on your website
  • Boost your conversion rate
Whether you want SEO for your first e-commerce site or improving an existing one, Nowlify will make it easier for online customers to find your shop and products.
Online shopping website SEO Services

Ethical SEO Strategies for Your E-Commerce Site

Focus on what you do best – improving your products and providing exceptional service to your online customers— while Nowlify handles your e-commerce SEO. Here’s a quick backstage look at how we do SEO for e-commerce sites:

We’ll begin by using top tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Google Adwords, and Moz’s keyword tool to identify the best keywords to boost your e-commerce ranking, as well what keywords your competitors are going for.

Next, fix existing site errors, such as duplicate content, broken links, redirects, and missing tags. Then, we’ll streamline the structure of your site to make it easier for search engines and humans to find products in your store, be it 10 or 10,000 products on your site.

Now that you have an excellent site structure and keywords, it’s time to optimise the cornerstone of your e-commerce site: the product pages. To make sure search engines find them, we’ll integrate keywords in strategic locations like the product name, product descriptions, images, and videos.

Once everything is in place, Nowlify will closely monitor the performance of your e-commerce SEO campaign. We’ll track what works and fix what doesn’t, to make sure you’re always on the right path to e-commerce success.

The steps above are essential, but so much more goes into successful e-commerce SEO Services in Auckland. We’re talking about link building, technical SEO, copywriting and content marketing for e-commerce, international SEO if you’re expanding to global markets, and more.

Get Your Free E-Commerce SEO Consultation

Finally, expect no less than a customized e-commerce SEO campaign from Nowlify. As a digital growth marketing agency from Auckland, we want to be your e-commerce SEO partner for the long haul.

This begins by getting a deeper understanding of the challenges you face and your goals for your e-commerce site. Let’s align your vision with our expertise. This begins by getting a deeper understanding of the challenges you face and your goals for your e-commerce site. Let’s align your vision with our expertise.

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Online Shopping Website SEO Services​ in Auckland


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