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Video SEO in Auckland

Youtube is the second-largest search engine on earth. If your SEO campaign only revolves around Google, you’re missing out on the incredible potential of video to boost your ranking. Stay on track to the top with Nowlify’s video SEO in Auckland!

Video SEO in Auckland​

People and Search Engines Love Videos

People find videos more personal and engaging than any other media. Having interesting and unique video content on your website and your Youtube channel will naturally attract more viewers.

Google knows this (and it also owns Youtube!). That’s why it also considers videos in its ranking algorithm. In fact, a properly-optimised video can have as much authority and ranking power as outstanding content.

However, having sensational videos on your website is not enough. To be useful for SEO, you should be optimising every part of them for the right keywords. That gets them found by search engines and users, which in turn increases your overall ranking.

Nowlify’s Youtube Video SEO services can help you grab new leads, improve conversion rates, and boost every part of your digital marketing strategy, including SEO, content, link building strategy, and social media campaigns.

Supercharge Your SEO Campaign with Youtube SEO

Nowlify’s video SEO experts take precise steps to get your videos ranking on both Youtube and Google:

Youtube SEO services in Auckland

Keyword and Competitor Research

Through premium tools like Ahrefs Keywords Explorer, Google Trends, KeywordTool.io, and YouTube (Autosuggest), we’ll find the top keywords that people use to search for products and services related to your business. These keywords will form the foundation of your Youtube SEO campaign.

At the same time, we’ll also be taking a close look at the keywords that your competitors are targeting, so we know exactly how to outrank them.

Video Content Creation

Need help creating shareable and engaging videos? Our creative team can help you with that too! Share your ideas with us, and we’ll help you craft exceptional video content.

Youtube Search Engine Optimisation

Youtube Search Engine Optimisation

We’ll optimise your existing videos so that they show up when people type your keywords into Google and Youtube. We’ll place them in strategic places like the video URL, title, description, tags, playlists, and elsewhere on your channel.

Youtube SEO Campaign Monitoring

Lastly, we’ll keep a close eye on your Youtube video SEO campaign from start to finish. We’ll evaluate its effects on your SEO and ranking, and we’ll recalibrate anything that’s not working. We’ll send you detailed reports so you know exactly how your campaign is performing.

Youtube SEO Campaign Monitoring Services In New Zealand

Link Building

Videos are an excellent tool for link building. Aside from creating videos that bloggers, site owners, and users can’t resist linking back to, we can also lead your outreach and placement efforts.

Harness the Power of Youtube SEO with Nowlify!

Youtube SEO is an essential part of any outstanding SEO campaign. It’s one of our specialties here at Nowlify, and we have an in-house team of video content creators and Youtube SEO experts at your service.

Schedule a FREE 1-hour ethically-conscious Youtube SEO consultation with Nowlify today. Let’s discuss how video can boost your SEO efforts for solid, long-term ranking results!

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