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Whether you want to conquer social media, create a chatbot or win with email marketing, Nowlify offers a range of digital marketing solutions designed to take your business to the next level.

Social Media Marketing Services in Auckland

Social Media Marketing Services in Auckland

At present, there over 3.5 billion social media users around the world, or as much as 45% of the entire human population. With around a million new users joining various social media platforms every day, that number never stops growing.

Since you’re searching for social media marketing services, we’re sure you already have your own social media accounts. So do your friends and family. And most importantly, for your business— your target audience and customers are on social media as well.

The truth is that social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are now a part of daily life for billions of us.

With such a far-reaching impact, these platforms have become an invaluable business tool. If you’re not trending on Twitter, sharing pictures on Instagram, or posting on Facebook, you’re way behind the competition – but that’s about to change with Nowlify.

Social Media, Simplified

  • At Nowlify, we look at social media for business purposes as both an art and a science.
  • We won't just post your products online – we will make social media one of your greatest marketing assets.
  • On the one hand, social media allows you to connect with your audience, make them loyal followers, and position your business as a company with a real heart and fantastic energy.
  • At the same time, you also need to leverage hard data using specialised tools to secure your ROI.
  • Sound too complicated? Let the experts from Nowlify do the heavy lifting with our scalable SMM services.
  • We'll do the work while you watch your business grow on social media and beyond – it doesn't get better than that!

Our Social Media Marketing Services

We know you already have enough on your plate growing your business, overseeing your products and services, and checking off a neverending business to-do list. As your social media marketing agency, we don’t want you to worry about a thing. Nowlify’s SMM services have everything you need to win big on social, including:

Social Media Marketing

Nowlify is an expert in management and strategy for FacebookLinkedInTwitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Our team of SMM specialists will tell your story through thumb-stopping content that radiates your brand and keeps your audience engaged and interested. On top of that, we will grow your target audience through excellent community management practices.

Social Media Influencer Marketing

Through Nowlify’s extensive network of social influencers, we will boost your campaign with content from people that your audience knows and loves.

As part of your social media influencer marketing campaign, we will work closely with these personalities to plan and schedule your sponsored content. Imagine social celebrities, bloggers, and other popular and trusted names in your industry posting about your business!

Social Media Advertising

Reach your audience instantly with Nowlify’s social media advertising services. Our team will create visually-stunning ads that your audience can’t help but click.

Once your ad campaigns are up and running, we will monitor them to identify what’s working and determine opportunities for improvement- all while providing you with insightful reports so you’re always in the loop.

Reach the Right Audiences with Nowlify

Like the rest of our internet marketing services, our SMM services are completely scalable and customisable. What works for other brands may not work for your business, so we tailor each SMM campaign to our clients.

Want to set the foundation with Facebook marketing? Perhaps you’re ready to expand your social media marketing to Instagram, or start connecting with professionals on LinkedIn. No matter what path you want to take on your socials, Nowlify is right there with you:

Facebook marketing Services

Facebook Marketing Services

Tap into billions of potential new audiences and customers on the world’s biggest social network – Facebook. Many of your target customers use Facebook to search for products and services, read reviews, seek buying advice, and compare companies they want to buy from.

Nowlify’s Facebook marketing services will lead those people straight to your Facebook page by optimising every aspect of your account.

Once they’re on your page, we will keep them coming back through rich content, positive reviews, tons of interesting and helpful information. All the while, we will make sure your brand shines through every element of your page. Our creatives will infuse your brand into everything from the tone, visuals, and copy of your posts.

Your customised Facebook marketing campaign will include:

We’ll begin your campaign by discovering as much as we can about your business through a kick-off call, questionnaire, and independent research. Using that information, our Facebook specialists will build a strategy to help you reach your goals. We’ll determine the best methods of attracting followers, what to post, and how to increase engagement on your account.

Once you give the green light on the strategy, our Facebook marketing specialists will begin crafting your content. Expect masterful copywriting complemented by eye-catching images that reflect your brand.

Also, we want to ensure that you’re thrilled with your page content. That’s why we will provide you with content calendars, so you’re able to approve or request revisions on the material before we publish anything.

As we update your page with relevant and fresh content, our SMM specialists will simultaneously work on growing your followers and enhancing engagement. Some of our Facebook growth techniques include boosted posts, influencer marketing, and paid Facebook ad campaigns.

Nowlify keeps tabs on everything that’s happening on your Facebook page. Did someone leave a Facebook review, message your business page, or comment on your posts? Our specialists will respond promptly, effectively, and in your brand voice.

We pride ourselves on transparency – expect to see every detail of your campaign progress. Our account specialists will also send you regular reports with insights and recommendations for your Facebook marketing campaign.

No digital or social media marketing campaign is complete without a Facebook presence. Join the conversation today with Nowlify!


Captivate your audience with a stunning combo of photos and videos that sells and delights at the same time. Instagram is an ultra-popular visual network that’s ideal for promoting artistic, attractive, and appetising products and services in compelling ways.

Concerned that your business is not visual enough for Instagram? Don’t worry about it. Our Instagram marketers are absolute magicians when it comes to this platform. No matter your industry or niche, we will fill your Instagram account with share-worthy photos, daily updates, and a more intimate look at the personality behind your brand.

With Nowlify handling your Instagram page, you can:

  • Increase your followers
  • Increase your comments and likes
  • Increase your Instagram impressions and reach
  • Leverage Instagram marketing to increase organic traffic to your website and other marketing assets
  • Provide outstanding customer services to your followers and existing customers
Instagram Marketing Services

So how do we do it? At Nowlify, we’ve distilled our Instagram marketing strategy into key steps:

To jumpstart your campaign, we will research your competitors to discover how you can stand out from all of them. Then, we will define your ideal customer persona by identifying their pain points, goals, challenges, and other demographics. We will combine all that information to outline a brilliant Instagram marketing campaign for you.

After you approve the strategy, sit back, and watch the magic happen. Our copywriters and graphic designers will create unique and captivating Instagram content for your business page. We will post this on a predetermined schedule based on a content calendar, which you’ll be able to review, suggest changes, and approve.

Once your Instagram page is filled with gorgeous, irresistible images and videos, Nowlify’s Instagram marketing experts will make sure that everyone sees it. We can leverage hashtags, cross-post, reach out to relevant pages for influencer marketing, and run paid promotions to increase your followers and engagement.

We’ll stay on top of your Instagram page so you can focus on your business. Our team will monitor direct messages, comments, and other Instagram activities directed to your account. Never miss an opportunity to interact with your audience and serve up exceptional customer service!

Know exactly what’s happening with your page through regular Instagram reports. Aside from sending your reports, our Instagram marketing specialists will analyse the data to identify more ways to optimise and enhance your campaign.

In the hands of Nowlify, Instagram will open new doors for your business in terms of visibility, engagement, branding, and more.

Linkedin marketing services


With over 500 million users, LinkedIn is one of the biggest professional social networks today. Nowlify’s LinkedIn marketing services can help you build professional connections, grow your leads, and drive traffic to your websites with top-tier content.

LinkedIn is ideal for B2B companies who want to network with business decision-makers. Note that 50% of LinkedIn users make above-average income and are highly educated. If that’s the kind of audience you wish to target, then Nowlify can definitely help.

LinkedIn marketing requires a totally different approach compared to other social media marketing platforms. Do everything right with Nowlify, and watch your business succeed on this challenging platform with our expert LinkedIn marketing tools and strategies

Below is a quick look at our proven LinkedIn marketing strategy:

We will begin by creating a content game plan that integrates your target market and LinkedIn marketing goals.

Our LinkedIn specialists will take care of your creative media, content writing, and publishing to your LinkedIn business page. We can provide a content calendar so you can approve each post before we publish it.

It takes a lot of time to develop an audience around a LinkedIn page. For faster growth, we recommend taking advantage of the sponsored updates feature on LinkedIn. Our LinkedIn account managers will create compelling posts, and sponsor it straight to your target audience to boost awareness and reach.

As awareness grows around your LinkedIn business page, you may start receiving LinkedIn activity like messages and comments. Nowlify’s LinkedIn marketing service can include overseeing all activities and responding when appropriate.

Nowlify’s ethical approach to online marketing services includes complete transparency. We’ll send you regular reports about your LinkedIn campaign performance. We’ll also provide recommendations on how to improve your campaign based on the campaign analytics data.

Twitter marketing services

Twitter Marketing Services

Twitter has become one of the fastest and most effective ways to share simple information with massive audiences. If your business is not on Twitter, you’re missing out on an excellent source of relevant lead generation and easy engagements.

Nowlify’s Twitter marketing service is ready to put you on the right track to transform your marketing points into powerful, meaningful messages in under 280 characters. Our strategy includes elements such as:

  • Twitter business profile creation, set-up, and optimization
  • Creation of social posts and tweets
  • Responding to direct messages and customer service inquiries
  • Management and monitoring all mentions of your brand on Twitter through social listening tools
  • Run follower pushes by reaching out to industry influencers and boosting your circle of influence
  • Creation and curation of social engagement videos
  • Run Twitter ad campaigns

Dominate a dynamic, instantaneous, and fast-acting social media platform like Twitter with Nowlify!

Fire Up Your Social Media Presence with Nowlify

Social media marketing is a critical part of any digital marketing strategy. It’s as crucial as your SEO, SEM, or content strategy. Without it, you’re missing a golden opportunity to connect with your audience, capture leads, drive traffic, boost awareness, and establish your brand authority on different channels.

Make social media your most powerful online marketing tool! Let’s discuss your social media marketing goals during your FREE 1 hour ethically-conscious, SMM consultation with Nowlify. For inquiries, don’t hesitate to call us at 09 390 8890 today.

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Good quality services work in the long run because it’s sustainable – your time and energy are valued and therefore, a service to match your dedication and passion is delivered. At Nowlify, we work with you to create solutions where we both achieve our long-term goals.

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